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General information

Continuing education activities

Structured continuing education activities

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Technical study groups, technical committees or discussion groups

Maximum of 25 hours per year

First or second language courses

Maximum of 14 hours pear year

Office suite courses (Word processing, spreadsheet, graphics and presentation software)

Maximum of 14 hours pear year

Symposiums, conferences or seminars

Actual duration of technical or educational activities and related to the member's professional activities

Distance learning activities

A reasonable estimate of the hours needed to complete the activity and related assessment, as determined by the instructor, or the actual duration of the activity (excludes the preparation time for the training and studies leading to an examination). Maximum of 10 hours for activities that are not subject to an assessment of knowledge.

Public accountancy

The member holding of a public accountancy permit is required to devote at least 60 hours per three-year reference period to structured continuing education activities in specific areas, namely audit engagements, review engagements and other activities relating to public accountancy, with a minimum of 15 hours per reference year. Hours accumulated in the following fields and sectors are eligible as required hours under the Regulation respecting compulsory continuing education for Quebec chartered professional accountants who hold a public accountancy permit:

Hours accumulated in the following fields and sectors are eligible as required hours under the permit:

Assurance & Managing a firm

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Self-study education activities

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(You may record your hours as you go along during the current year.)