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Consultation on the unification of the accounting profession in Quebec


The Board of the Ordre will be holding a province-wide consultation tour as part of the discussions undertaken by the three accounting orders in Quebec. This tour of a dozen cities across Quebec will be held from August 15 to September 13 to give current and future members an opportunity to provide their point of view on the concrete proposal to unify the accounting profession that will be presented to them.

The tour follows the announcement by the three orders that in light of events currently taking place in the accounting profession at the national level, and given the specificities of the legal and regulatory framework in Quebec, they had entered into discussions about the future of the accounting profession in Quebec at the invitation of the Office des professions.

Progress has been made under the leadership of the three Quebec accounting orders and with input from the Office des professions, and the orders have worked on a concrete proposal to unify the accounting profession in Quebec that is based on the full recognition of all of the fields of expertise of professional accountants. At this stage of the process, the three orders wish to consult their members in order to enrich this joint project and ensure the prosperity and sustainability of the accounting profession as well as the continuance of their primary mission to protect the public.

Updates on this matter will be posted on our website.

A national initiative

On May 24, 2011, the leaders of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and CMA Canada announced that they recently entered into discussions on issues common to the accounting profession in Canada as a whole and on the best way to position the profession and the members of both organizations for the future.

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