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Change to CRA Income Tax Rulings Phone Services


It is anticipated that by mid July, the CRA will be temporarily replacing the Income Tax Rulings "Hot Line" phone service with an e-mail service up until October. Currently, CRA hosts an electronic mail box service for comments on their technical publications

During the summer months, this process will enable Rulings officers to efficiently batch the queries and provide a turnaround electronically within 5 working days. This turnaround period is limited to the types of questions normally handled by telephone and which offers to provide the caller with information on current published positions. Note that complex topics may require more than 5 days.

For questions that would normally be considered a technical opinion request, callers will be advised that it will be handled as a technical opinion request, and an officer will contact them should more information be required.

Callers will be greeted with the following message.
Bonjour, vous avez rejoint la Direction des décisions en impôt de l'ARC. Pour le service en français, appuyez sur le 2.

Hello, you have reached the CRA's Income Tax Rulings Directorate.  For service in English, press 1.

English Message

Please note that the Income Tax Rulings' telephone service has been temporarily replaced by an e-mail service up until October.  We ask that your telephone query be submitted to the IT Rulings e-mail service at  Please do not send confidential taxpayer information in the email query.  Rulings officers will respond to routine e-mail questions within 5 working days.  Once again, the e-mail address is  Thank you.

French Message

Veuillez prendre note que le service téléphonique de la Direction des décisions en impôt est temporairement remplacé par un service de courrier électronique jusqu’au mois d'octobre. Nous vous prions d’acheminer votre demande téléphonique via le service de courrier électronique de la Direction des décisions en impôt à l’adresse suivante : Veuillez ne pas envoyer de renseignement confidentiel de contribuable par courriel. Les agents des décisions répondront aux demandes courantes reçues par courriel dans un délai de 5 jours. Encore une fois, l’adresse courriel est  Merci.

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