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PEP registration

The PEP registration form* must be completed, signed and SENT to the Order AS SOON AS you begin the first term of the Professional Education Program (PEP), i.e. the Graduate Diploma Program. This will give you the right to access the educational material and the Securexam software.

Every application to register in the Professional Education Program must include:

  1. An original or certified true copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or civil status certificate.

    The candidate’s family name(s) and first name(s) on the permit to practice issued by the Order and in the candidate’s file are spelled as they appear on the birth certificate, civil status certificate or the proof of legal status in Canada.

    It should be noted that original documents will be returned to the bearer. Photocopies will not be accepted.
  2. Citizens born abroad:

     - Canadian permanent resident card; or
     - Proof of Canadian citizenship duly issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada; or
     - A Canadian passport or other proof of legal status.

    Although it is not necessary to be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen to obtain a permit from the Order, candidates from outside Canada are required to comply with the conditions governing foreign students and foreign workers set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

    If an original document is not available, only copies authenticated by a commissioner for oaths, a notary or a lawyer will be accepted.

    It is mandatory to provide an official translation of any document written in a language other than French or English.
  3. Payment of fees according to the Table of costs:

    Table of costs

* To register to the PEP (CPA, CA path), email us at  


5, Place Ville Marie, bureau 800
Montréal (Québec)  H3B 2G2
T. 514 288.3256  1 800 363.4688